When we talk about food, we like to say that this place is heaven for food and wine lovers. We really love our food. It’s simple, diverse and based on local products. You can visit many island local restaurants and agro tourism spots where you will feel like in heaven for foodies.


• Lamb chops – everyone will love these small grilled and juicy lamb chops
• Vitalac (not for everyone : ) – this dish is for brave ones because it’s made from insides of a lamb
• Peka (viel, lamb or octopus) – it’s really hard to explain what “Peka” means, but it’s definitely “Must try”
• Pašticada – is a long cooked beef dish made in a special thick sauce based on lot of vegetables and it’s usually served with homemade gnocchi
• Olive oil – once you arrive, you must hear everything about our olives and try olive oil
• Hrapoćuša – this cake comes from Dol, we call it aphrosisiac of Brač and it’s named after a rough stone – enough reasons to try it
• Škuta – this delicious sheep cheese is usually served as dessert with liquid honey, jam or sugar, but you can use it for everything, it’s a young cheese prepared in the morning for a same day use
• Cheese from Brač – we have more than 20 000 sheep on this island, so we have also a great cheese
• Fig jam – after a fig season in August, fig jam is what we make, of course even if you don’t like figs, you will adore this jam
• Candied almonds – when I think of candied almond, I think of my grandma, because she makes really good ones. Almonds in caramelized sugar, you can always eat them