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Day tours
Experience Brač island in one of carefully designed day tours where you will discover all the secrets of history, culture, food and wine. Small group tours led by an expert local guide will provide you extraordinary experience off the beaten track. Walk around the hidden villages, long drywalls and olive groves. Learn everything about olive oil, wine and stonemasonry tradition on our island. Climb up Vidova gora mountain, walk all the way to the Blaca monastery, visit interesting collection in Museum of the island and turn on all of your senses. Enjoy!
Multiday tours
If you decide to stay on this Dalmatian island for few days, we created interesting multiday programs just for you. Discover all the secrets of wine, olive oil, our local food, white stone, history and culture. Walk around small villages famous for stone houses with white roofs. Cook your own island specialties and become an island chef. Each person gets carefully designed box, we call it “The box” with lot of nice surprises inside.
Create your own experience
The best way to enjoy all the historical, cultural and gastronomic treasures of Brač Island, and experience real island lifestyle is tour tailored just for you. Let your private guide lead you through the hidden villages, vegetable and fish markets, old olive presses, wineries and all other beautiful corners. To make your stay more comfortable choose between luxury villas, cosy apartments and small boutique hotels. Just tell us your wishes and preferences and we will create your unique experience.
Why choose Brač for your company teambuilding? We know why: because of the beautiful nature, crystal clear sea, delicious food and wine, rich history and culture and possibility of connecting different activities in a beautiful team building programmes.
Let us arrange interesting team building program for your employees to help them work better together and to achieve better results.
We offer a variety of programs where they will have opportunity to communicate, cooperate, be a team and of course to have lot of fun and laughter together.
Our boutique approach let us create interesting and innovative programs on the island.
So, if you want to have great time for you and your employees, we are here to help you!
All in one place.
We offer day and multiday teambuilding adventures, in cooperation with best island hotels and villas where you will have a great treatment and relaxation.
Contact us for prices and details: explorebrac@gmail.com
Our programmes:
Photo contest
Treasure hunt
Cooking contest
Gourmet tour
Wine and olive oil tasting
Water sports
Speed boat tour
Blaca monastery walking tour
Culture and food tour
Bike tours
Olive picking
Boat party
Stone puzzle

This Dalmatian island is a perfect destination for all types of events. Planning an event is an art, so let us be your personal artists. Our boutique approach and creative team let us create innovative and sophisticated events. We plan, design and coordinate events from beginning to the end. Don’t search around. We have all in one place.
Be a guest at your own event.
SERVICES: venue sourcing, vendors, catering, planning, designing, coordinating, transfers, stage, music and sound system, audio visual system, complete event graphic design, staging, photo and video
• Corporate events and meetings, conferences, incentive programs, team buildings, product presentations, fairs, seminars,
• VIP events, private events and parties,
• Cultural, party and entertainment events

If you dream about getting married in Croatia, Brač island is perfect choice for you. Choose between beautiful venues, enjoy local gastronomy and wine and take home best memories ever. Experience your own fairy tale because we will take care of each detail and make your wedding extraordinary. Enjoy stunning views, untouched nature, rich history and culture and island gastronomy. Most important of all, you can relax and we will take care of planning, designing and coordinating.
For more details visit our wedding site: www.weddingsbrac.com

One day is definitely not enough to explore the entire island of Brač. So that’s why we have these stunning villas to offer you. This type of accommodation is perfect for all types of holidays. Comfortable and beautiful interior will help you relax between different island activities. In the morning prepare yourself for gourmet, wine and olive oil tours, and in the afternoon relax with your favourite book by the pool. What about evening? We will arrange great local dinner outside or we can organize a private chef just for you in a villa! What a great vacation!

This small and charming villa is located just 1 km from centre of Supetar, the largest city on the island of Brač. Villa settled in a beautiful bay with a long pebble beach on a big land full of olive trees, wine grapes and local grown vegetables and fruits.
This hidden place provides relaxed vacation with a stunning view on beach and sea. While you are enjoying your time in villas garden, you will hear sound of waves, crickets and different birds.
Villa is equipped with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, living and dining room, Jacuzzi, swimming pool and beautiful 50m2 terrace.
Contact us for more details or booking:
This big and luxury villa is situated just very close to the beach and it is perfect place for relaxed vacation with your family and friends.
Villa is equipped with 6 bedrooms which can accommodate up to 13 guests and has full service with maid, waiter, concierge and chef available on request.
Heated swim pool and 250m2 terrace with sea view will help you to relax and enjoy your time here.
Contact us for more details or booking:

What do you think about waking up in the morning and listening the sound of waves? We can make your dream come true, with this great villa situated on the beach.
This large villa can accommodate 14 to 17 persons in 7 bedrooms, it has swimming pool, big terrace, BBQ area, garden, ping pong table and much more. Definitely the best choice for vacation with family or friends.

Contact us for more details or booking:

If you are looking for peaceful island vacation and a small village, this villa the right choice for you. Traditional Dalmatian stone house from 19th century renovated in a charming luxury villa will definitely impress you. This villa has 3 bedrooms and can accommodate 6 to 8 people.
Nice kitchen and dinning room, lounge room, BBQ area, swimming pool and sundeck are just a few reasons to stay here.
Contact us for more details or booking:

About us
This is a small travel agency specialized in Brač island with unique boutique approach. We are focused on a small group tours, private and tailor made tours, events, team buildings and weddings. Our custom made programs and personalized service can satisfy all your needs.
Our offer is based on combination of history, culture, sightseeing, local traditions, food and wine, walking and exploring.
We offer an unforgettable local experience off the beaten track.

If you are looking for a perfect destination for your vacation, Brač island is definitely great choice. This beautiful Croatian island is situated just across the city of Split and has everything you need. Beautiful coast and numerous beaches, old villages and stunning nature, rich history and culture, summer festivals and concerts are just a few reasons to come on Brač. Once you arrive you will enjoy beautiful atmosphere and rich culture of this island. If you love relaxed vacations, you will swim all day, if you are food and wine lover, Brač is the right place for you. Rich and tasty local cuisine will satisfy all your needs. Join one of our tours and taste best island dishes prepared by local chefs. Fresh fish, octopus, lamb meat, Hrapoćuša cake, cheese are just a few things you should try. For the brave ones we have our local specialty “Vitalac” made of lamb insides which is definitely “must try”. When you eat great food, you also need to drink great wine, so that’s why we will take you to small island wineries where you will enjoy best wines from Brač island. You will meet local producers and hear everything about wine. Other famous things are olive trees. More than million olive trees on Brač, are reason why we have best olive oil. After visiting Museum of olive oil, you will taste delicious liquid gold, and you will definitely want to take some home. After all these delicacies, don’t miss to visit Škrip, oldest village on the island, where you will get an idea how people used to live once. If you are explorer, you will enjoy walking to the Blaca monastery, 16th century monastery built by Glagolitic priests under a huge natural rock on the southern slopes of the island. Just above these southern slopes, the best view you will ever have is view from Vidova gora mountain, highest peak of all islands in Adriatic sea. You will experience breath taking view over the Zlatni rat beach, island of Hvar and Vis, and in good weather even Italy. While driving around you will probably ask why we have so much piles of grey stone, but if you call us for a tour we will tell you the story. We are also proud of our beautiful white stone and quarries with this great lime stone from which is even part of White House in Washington built. That’s why you must hear a stone story and visit, stone galleries and a Stonemasonry high school in Pušišća. Now we gave you enough reasons to come and explore more.
See you there!

Blog (napravit ga ali ga stavit na hide za sad)

Our food
When we talk about food, we like to say that this place is heaven for food and wine lovers. We really love our food. It’s simple, diverse and based on local products. You can visit many island local restaurants and agro tourism spots where you will feel like in heaven for foodies.
• Lamb chops – everyone will love these small grilled and juicy lamb chops
• Vitalac (not for everyone : ) – this dish is for brave ones because it’s made from insides of a lamb
• Peka (viel, lamb or octopus) – it’s really hard to explain what “Peka” means, but it’s definitely “Must try”
• Pašticada – is a long cooked beef dish made in a special thick sauce based on lot of vegetables and it’s usually served with homemade gnocchi
• Olive oil – once you arrive, you must hear everything about our olives and try olive oil
• Hrapoćuša – this cake comes from Dol, we call it aphrosisiac of Brač and it’s named after a rough stone – enough reasons to try it
• Škuta – this delicious sheep cheese is usually served as dessert with liquid honey, jam or sugar, but you can use it for everything, it’s a young cheese prepared in the morning for a same day use
• Cheese from Brač – we have more than 20 000 sheep on this island, so we have also a great cheese
• Fig jam – after a fig season in August, fig jam is what we make, of course even if you don’t like figs, you will adore this jam
• Candied almonds – when I think of candied almond, I think of my grandma, because she makes really good ones. Almonds in caramelized sugar, you can always eat them

Interesting facts
• Brač island – named after deer
• Preko 20 000 ovaca
• Oko 1 000 000 stabala malina, od kojih se u sezoni bere pola
• Poznati brački kamen – dio Bijele kuće u Washingtonu sadrgađen od njega
• Škola za kamenoklesare u Pučišćima – radi od 1909 goddine – pohađaju je djeca cijele Europe
• Najviši otok na Jadranu – vrh Vidova gora
• Najmanje mjesto ima 13 stanovnika – Murvica ????
• Najstarija vinarska zadruga
• Zlatni rat – plaža koja mijenja oblik ovisno o vjetru i morskim strujama
• Vapnenac –
• Ivan Rendić – prvi kipar modernog hrvatskog kiparstva
• Pitku vod ima tek od 1968 godine – do tada se pila kišnica
• Kamene košnice
• Najstarije mjesto na otoku Škrip – oko 5000 godina
• Od bračkog kamena je sagrađena Dioklecijanova palača
• Bračani jedu puha – mali glodavac sličan mišu (bizzare foods, Travel Channel
• Na Braču ima čak i veprova
• Vitalac –
• Hrapoćuša – zaštićena torta zvana bračkim afrodizijakom
• Kopačina – spilja prehistorijska
• Preko sto malih crkvica
• Muzej ulja – stara presa iz 1864 godine
• Suhozidi i gomile
• Brač je imao kneza
• Tuneli Milna
• Sutivan katakombe
• Bol i Dol su povezani tunelom
• Katakombe na novom groblju iz 1634. Godine
• Vjetrenjače
• Zelena vjenčanica
• Reljef Herkulesa napravljen u kamenolomu Rasohe, kamen živac
• Kamen se „bere“
• Koliko kamenoloma
• Jedna otrovna zmija – poskok
• Tvornica ribe – Sardina
• Bračani škrti – vicevi vic jedan
• Desert Blaca – Monastery
• Brački sir
• Procip
• Kupalište Rendić – prvo javno kupalište
• Bijeli krovovi
• Preko 100 vrsta samoniklog bilja
• Velika razlika između kamenoklesara i skulptora
• Bunje
• Bracera – srednjodalmatinski teretni obalni jedrenjak 19. i 20 , ime dobila po Braču ??’
• Glagoljaški pustinjaci
• Sova ušara

Our office is located just a few minutes walking from Supetar port, on main promenade in Supetar.
E-mail: explorebrac@gmail.com
Mobile: +385 (0)91 1597 231
We provide an unforgettable experience!