Dolčevita walking tour!

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If you wonder what the most delicious walk in this world is, we know the answer:

Dolčevita walking tour!

If you ever wonder, what could be the most delicious and most interesting walk in the world, you should pack your suitcase and straight away visit the island of Brač. This stunning island, which is even highest island in al Adriatic sea, hides so many walking pathways, forgotten stories, historical facts and cultural sites. Besides all this, Brač provides an unforgettable gourmet experience.

That is why Dolčevita walking trail is a perfect choice for nature, walking and food lovers. Definitely one of most popular Brač tours. So, let us tell you how it goes. We start our adventure under big wooden “Dolčevita” sign. Short walk take us directly to our first stop, family restaurant in a beautiful olive grove. You will hear a story about olives, olive oil production and tradition. This is not all, of course because you will be served with delicious canapés made of black olive paste, broad been paste, lamb liver paste and crispy bruschetta. Besides this you will refresh yourselves with elderberry and cherry.

After this stop, we continue with a short walk to our next stop where you will taste few sorts of island cheeses. Delicious cheese will occupy your mind during the walk to our next stop. With warm welcome Rosana will show you their beautiful restaurant and serve you with glass of their wine and marinated and salted anchovies. Now we continue with a 15 minute walk to a village called Donji Humac. This charming island village is famous for white stone and small family workshops. Village is surrounded with several quarries and lot of drywalls. However, we continue to a gallery Jakšić owned by creative family of artists.

You will visit the gallery and hear story about our famous stone. Small surprise is waiting for you here. After gallery, we continue to a local restaurant where you have opportunity to taste our local specialty called Vitalac, but to taste this unique dish you need to join Deolcevita Full and happy we continue with a little bit longer walk to Dračevica, hidden island village famous for olives, sheep and wine. Finally, for the end of our tour you will taste real local dessert! See you there!


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