Accept the challenge -Eat like Andrew Zimmern on Bizzare Foods


Explore secrets of a local cuisine!

You probably heard about Andrew Zimmern and his great Tv show “Bizzare Foods”. If you did and you are a foodie, be brave and accept the challenge. He is very passionate in his work, but you can be also if you try these special dishes from Brač island. The first one is called “Vitalac” – delicious specialty made of insides of a lamb.

They are wrapped in a lamb tissue and afterwards lamb bowels. After slowly baking on fire you get delicious and crispy Vitalac. Second one is roasted dormouse which you are going to try in Dol, small harmonious eco village situated on North side of Brač island. Take a look on a link below and you will definitely want to book this delicious gourmet tour. Good luck!

Price per person: On request
Departure: On request