Idi & Vidi

Idi&Vidi is a small travel agency specialized in Brač Island and Brač tours with unique boutique approach. We are focused on a small group tours, private and tailor made tours, events, team buildings and weddings. Our custom made programs and personalized service can satisfy all your needs.
Our offer is based on combination of history, culture, sightseeing, local traditions, food and wine, walking and exploring. You can experience real island spirit through gourmet tour, sightseeing tour, walking tour, wine tasting, cooking class and other interesting tours.
Brač tours and Idi&Vidi team offer an unforgettable local experience off the beaten track.
If you wonder why Idi&Vidi – it’s because it means Go&See!


Lada – Director & Company founder

Great love for the island of Brač and passion for traveling inspired her to start with this agency. She really loves traveling and exploring new cultures, so she will give you a warm welcome and presentation of her culture. She will take care of everything you need during your stay. Each corner of the island she can turn to incredible part of your Brač adventure. Besides this she is a passionate skier, so she likes to hide in the Alps in winter. She also loves art, drawing and making things.


Vanja – event manager

Vanja is Lada’s husband and together they share a passion for showing their clients all the best things of their island. He especially cares for all details regarding event planning and marketing. Great love towards music playing and music production forced him to start with music project called Voi’Sa festival which celebrates 8th birthday this summer and you are all invited, of course. He is also a passionate traveller and collector of vinyl’s and music gadgets.


Tina – Tour guide

Tina is Lada’s sister and she is also a part of family business. Originally she is a M.A. in restoration and conservation, and she has really big love for history and art. If you have something old, just call her for restoration. Besides this she is definitely one of best tour guides for Brač island and Split. Her hospitality and commitment to a story telling will take you to one of our island tours.



Captain Coco

Finally we came to Captain Coco. She is a beautiful fluffy cat and she is definitely boss to everyone. She is smart, curious, fast, and funny and she enjoys running around garden and climbing highest trees.